Matrix, 2 L / 67.6 oz.

Country Of Origin : United States. Matrix May Be Placed In Any Kind Of Filter And Is Particularly Effective In A Canister Filter. Macropores: These Matrix Macropores Are Ideally Sized For The Support Of Nitrifying And Denitrifying Bacteria, Allowing Matrix To Simultaneously Remove Nitrate Along With Ammonia And Nitrite In The Same Filter. Diameter: Measuring About 10Mm In Diameter, Each Liter Of Matrix Provides As Much Surface As 170 Liters Of Plastic Balls! Matrix Provides Both External And Internal Macroporous Surface Area. Filtration: Seachem Matrix Is High Porosity, Inorganic Solid Bio-Media That Provides Efficient Biofiltration For The Removal Of Nitrogenous Waste In Your Fish Tank Or Aquarium.


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Matrix is a highly porous media designed to provide exceptionally efficient bio filtration for single site removal of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate from freshwater, marine, and reef aquaria. Each liter of Matrix provides over 160,000 cm2 (170 sq. ft.) of surface, equivalent to over 40 L (10 gallons) of typical plastic ball media! This product is sold by volume. Cited weight is minimal weight. Matrix is a naturally mined, chemically inert material for facilitating the growth of biological filtration in aquarium and pond systems. Due to its organic nature – size, shape, coloration, and density of the Matrix material will vary slightly between packages. Any of these variants and small irregularities in sizing are perfectly natural and WILL NOT affect the integrity of the product OR its ability to maintain water quality. It will also not affect pH in the system.

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