Lee Oskar Harmonica, Melody Maker Key of C

Blue label. Melody maker.


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Melody makers are the best Harps available for playing standard single-note melodies. They’re great for playing country, R&B, pop, world beat, African and reggae. This tuning makes it easier to play many songs…That can be difficult, or impossible, to play on a standard major diatonic…In Cross harp. All of the notes that were missing on the major diatonic are right there on the melody maker! These harmonicas provide a complete major scale, in Cross harp, for playing exact melody without bending. Yet, the draw notes can still be bent for that bluesy feeling! Melody makers are designed to be played in Cross harp (draw), not straight harp (blow). in Cross harp, melodies can be played with an expressive, fluid style that is extremely difficult to achieve in straight harp.

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