Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder

Dishwasher proof bowls. Please refer the User Manual before use. Quartz timer. Twin ice packs help keep food fresh. Easy to use 90-hour meal time program. Serves up to 5 meals a the pets normal meal times.


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Whether working late or away for a weekend, the Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder ensures fresh meals will be reliably served at the correct time, automatically. Food is kept fresh in five easy-clean compartments by a rotating lid and refrigerated by twin icepacks. Just set the battery-operated timer to the required meal times.

Steps to correcting common set up errors:

1. Once the battery is installed the black switch must be moved to start.
2. The current time must be set in the today sector of the timer dial (area shaded in red).
3. The first meal (red tab white triangle) must be set a minimum of four hours from the current time.
4. The second meal will be a minimum of six hours from the first.
5. Once all of the desired meal times are set the lid must be placed on the unit and then turned counter clockwise to bowl “0”.

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